project design

Samples of my work in print media

Catalog and trade show design

Direct mail catalog, trade show graphics, fliers

The catalog on the left is for Affinity Connection, a great marketing / fundraising firm serving clients from coast-to-coast. Get a copy and visit their site at On the right are fliers and tradeshow graphics I created for All Traffic Solutions. They set the standard for state-of-the-art traffic products!

Book and Magazine design & productionbooks, magazines, trains, design

Above are some of many books I’ve been involved in producing, featuring spot UV, embossing, perfect binding, and stochastic printing. Visit to see what’s happening in State College, PA. Are you a Rail Fan? Get the best magazine – TRP. I’ve enjoyed working on Conrail blue color work for this publication. The hardback book design for “Who We Are” was a labor of love for my client who wanted to self publish her family’s history. See my post about this special family genealogy history book.

Direct mail, packaging, rack brochures, formal invitations, appealsdirect mail, calendars, appeals, brochures, packaging, icons

“Shad Flasher” is a lure developed by my neighbor. Creating a logo and backer for the bubble-pack product packaging was lots of fun! The brochure for WealthKare above, required several custom icons to visually describe their process for advising clients on their retirement financial plans. I enjoyed working on those and learned a lot in the process. Tressler & Fedor is a State College-area company that does excavating, but also sells landscaping products. I developed a rack brochure that has one company on each side, and folds up so that the globe is complete when displayed side-by-side. The appeal at bottom/right is a highly personalized data-driven appeal for Affinity Connection (also mentioned at the top of this page).

Postcard promotion seriespost card promotion, design, mailing

Direct mail and printed advertising are part of any good promotional campaign. This series of personalized postcards featured a message about professional appearance and the benefits of out sourcing marketing to businesses in the service area. The company eventually merged with a larger company – Laurel Valley Graphics – to expand their offerings and centralize their services.